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About Us

Nissin Logistics (VN) is a subsidiary of Nissin Corporation - one of the leading corporations in the world for transportation and logistics services. At the time of establishment in 1938, Nissin was a domestic in-harbor transport company in Yokohama - Japan's main gateway to the world. Shortly thereafter, Nissin has quickly expanded its logistics services at the Ports of Kobe, Osaka and Chiba.

On the momentum of strong development of Japanese economy, Nissin gains additional motivation to develop more comprehensively in both operating systems and infrastructures. Since 1968, Nissin began offering global logistics services and up to now it has expanded its operations to more than 23 countries in the world. The name Nissin is derived from the ancient Chinese literature meaning "Great Learning", which consists of 2 characters meaning "Day" and "New", affirming that the spirit of longing to conquer new things and improve daily is an important part of corporate's culture.

Employees of Nissin Logistics (VN)

Nissin Logistics (VN) Co., Ltd. was established on March 30th, 2006 under License No. 357-GP / NH issued by The Ha Noi People’s Committee, and is the 28th subsidiary of Nissin Corporation in the world. With initial capital of 500,000 USD, Nissin Logistics (VN) has its headquarter at No.1 Dao Duy Anh, Dong Da District, Hanoi and has now opened more branches and representative offices in Hai Phong, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Inheriting the essences and values of Japan, Nissin Logistics (VN) is always proactively changing to meet the increasingly diverse and vast needs of its customers. Services provided by Nissin Logistics (VN) include:

  • Air Transport, Ocean Transport, Domestic Transport;
  • Warehouse and Storage;
  • Transportation of exhibits, personal belongings;
  • Plant Transport & Installation;
  • Cross border trucking;
  • Customs Clearance;
  • Other monitoring and consulting services...

Nissin (VN)'s mission is to enhance the position of the logistics industry in Vietnam and to become a leading company in this field. In order to actualize that ambition, Nissin understands that the development of the company always goes in companionship with the potential for development of the human. That is why in Nissin Logistics (VN), people are always considered as the most important asset. The executive board of the company always pay attention to the employees' life and focus on training professional skills for them. Thereby Nissin (VN)'s staffs always give prominence to the accuracy, devote themselves to work and show the professionalism to the services of the company.

Nissin's top priority is progress and quality of the services, thus gaining trust from customers. With the mix of both Japanese spirit and understanding about locality, Nissin Logistics (VN) commits to be a reliable partner and a most perfect choice for partners in transportation and logistics field.