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Inland transportation

Inland transportation



With the mission of enhancing the position of logistics industry in Vietnam, Nissin (VN)'s goal is to become the leading company in building a long-distance transport service system on nation-wide scale. Nissin Logistics (VN) commits to providing the best transport service combining with types of Land Transport, Ocean Transport, Rail Transport and Air Transport, including:

  • Land Transport using trucks and trailers
  • Land Transport combining trucks and railways
  • Inland Ocean Transport
  • Inland Air Transport
  • Customs broker

Currently, Nissin (VN) owns many tractor trailers, trucks of 5-10 tons, trucks of 1.5-3.5 tons. The large number of these tractor trailers and trucks are to ensure a smooth freight transport itinerary and save time as well as maximum cost for customers.

Transportation will be constantly monitored through GPS navigation, ensuring punctuality, as well as controlling incidents, if any, in the most timely manner.

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