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Air Service

Air Service



Air freight is a method of suitable transportation with the high value cargo or need to shipping for a short time.

With dedicated staffs, extensive experience and extensive dealer network around the world, Nissin Logistics (VN) commits to providing high quality service at a reasonable cost and always ensure to on time delivery. Nissin (VN) is a leading partner with major airlines such as Vietnam Airlines (VNA), Japan Airlines (JL),… Nissin Logistics (VN) provides various logistics services for air freight such as:

● Freight forwarding
● Declaration of customs clearance
● Cargo handling services at airports
● Door to door air freight services
● Customs broker

In addition to conventional air freight, Nissin (VN) also provides combination method as air-sea, air-sea-rail. The list of goods shipped by Nissin (VN) is varied, including general cargoes; frozen seafood, fresh food; dangerous goods ... from Vietnam to international airports in the world and vice versa.

As one of the world's leading logistics service providers, Nissin (VN) is confident to provide its partners and customers with the most perfect service. Air Freight Services is one of the international carriers Nissin is proud to provide.