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Sea Service

Sea Service



For bulky goods with a large number that do not require the time of transportation too strictly, the ocean transport service is an appropriate option. By taking advantage of the ocean route for transportation, ocean transport has a great advantage of lower freight rates than other types of transportation. The types of goods which are suitable for ocean transport include machineries, raw minerals ...

With devoted, experienced human resources and agency systems all over the world, Nissin Logistics (VN) commit to delivering high quality services at reasonable prices and ensure timely delivery

Nissin Logistics (VN) provide a wide range of logistics services for ocean transport such as:

  • Ocean freight forwarding
  • Declaration of custom clearance
  • Merchandising services at sea ports
  • Ocean transport services for import/export from door to door: from sea ports all over the world to Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang, Hai Phong (or vice versa).
  • Customs broker

In addition to conventional ocean transport, Nissin (VN) also provides a combination method of ocean-air, ocean-rail-air. The list of goods shipped by Nissin (VN) is varied, including machineries, minerals, building materials, project cargoes, etc…

As one of the most prestigious global logistics service providers, Nissin confidently provides its partners and customers the most perfect services. Ocean transport service is one of the international transports which Nissin is proud of offering.