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Transportation of exhibition goods, personal luggage

Moving and Exhibition Service

Normally goods at fairs and exhibitions in different countries will need to obtain a license from the host country. With business activities spanning 52 cities in 24 countries around the world, Nissin has the ability to provide transportation service package of exhibition goods (door to door) globally, which handles the issues of procedures for partners and customers quickly.

Your exhibition goods will be safe and continuously monitored by the technological system and devoted, professional workforce of Nissin (VN). Goods are transported from all over the world to the exhibition stand in Vietnam as well as in other countries safely, timely with the most reasonable cost.

In addition, customers may also be assured to entrust the personal belongings which were delivered to Nissin (VN) for transportation.

Services provided by Nissin (VN) include:

● Transportation services for international exhibition goods and personal luggage
● Transportation services for domestic exhibition goods and personal luggage
● Service of moving office
● Transportation services for goods of exhibition and events
● Special storage (temperature and humidity control ...) for office interior and household
● Customs broker

Due to the prestige and the professional working style, Nissin (VN) is often selected by major partners to be the transportation company for the exhibition goods. Nissin (VN) is the transportation partner of Honda in the Vietnam Motorcycle Show every year.

Honda's exhibition goods that Nissin (VN) responsible for transporting

Nissin (VN) also participates in transporting the products in the Art Exhibition of the Embassy of Japan, which is organized by The Japan Foundation.

Japanese Embassy's Art Exhibition